In Store Service

Smart Lab Customized Water Analysis

Our Lab Technicians and Water Analysis Experts will use our cutting edge computerized Smart Lab to give you a customized and detailed prescription of exactly what chemicals your pool or spa needs.  We will go over every detail and make sure you know exactly what you are doing. Just bring in a sample of your water!

In House Polaris Pool Cleaner Repair

Is your Polaris just not working the way it did before? Our experts can help!  With years of Polaris experience we can help diagnose and fix any Polaris issues.  Come by and speak to our experts about symptoms and parts or drop off your sick Polaris and it's hoses for an evaluation. 

Filter Cleaning and Grid Assembly

We also offer filter cleaning for Cartridge and DE filters.  In our region, all filters should be chemically cleaned at least twice a year.  If you have a cartridge or DE filter, we can do this for you.  Just bring your filter element in and let us work our magic.

Troubleshooting Advice

Being able to repair your pool easily is a very important part of proper pool care.  Almost everything is fixable and with our expertise we can guide you through even the most complicated repair. Contact us at any time with all your pool and spa questions!